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Juliette Pishnyak
Juliette Pishnyak
Anastasiya Kovba
Anastasiya Kovba
Olga Polyakova
Olga Polyakova
Ivan Volkov
Ivan Volkov
Yana Naumova
Yana Naumova
Leila Kush
Leila Kush
Kate Popovicheva
Kate Popovicheva
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Our Services For Blockchain Startups

Social Media Marketing
With a help of our creative team, the ambassador will produce a unique and catching content that your audience will likely subscribe to. No exceptions.
Promo Content
Beauty is a perfect solution to sell your innovative ideas or to shadow the absence of them. Our ambassadors will perfectly fit your marketing and PR content.
Team Beautifier
We are absolutely in love with geeky faces of yet-another-ICO’s team. Brand ambassador is a team member to add a few more colors to the palette.
Road Show Support
Equipped with a catwalk grace and a deep knowledge of your project ambassadors will follow the pitch-trip to meetups and conferences.
Pitch Testing
If our ambassadors understand your idea — everyone will. Make a crush test of your startup pitch on the angels before throwing it to the venture devils.
Ambassador Guidance
Botanico will find a perfect ambassador for your project, train it for you, produce all the content, help with PR, SMM and communications.

Media About Us

“It’s a legit idea. Beautiful faces are needed for Blockchain and the models are happy to help.”

The Cointelegraph

“The main qualities of Botanico ambassadors are professional skills, not appearance”


“This ambassador agency is the new marketing revolution when it comes to blockchain technology.”


Botanico: Who We Are

Creative Director

Ivan Sokolov

2+ years blockchain experience, 5 years startup management, 2 Cannes Corporate and TV awards, creative vision and a passion for beauty.

Ambassador Agent

Yana Pripuskova

Ex-model and model agent, an international and full range experience in fashion industry: from fashion catwalks to photo-production.

Hire An Ambassador

Our mission is to create a long-term relationship between blockchain ambassadors and projects. We stay for integration of models into the crypto community.